October 7, 2009

Mirinda Reynolds Art

Students assembled tile and stained glass mosaics in different molds on Sepember 25th, 2009
"Eleven" 2009 oil on canvas- Mirinda Reynolds

So it begins.....a Mirinda's view of the world.

Three years ago, The LibertyTown Visiting Artists Program began. My idea: bring the artists and art to our school, pay the artists for their time, help LibertyTown gain a following from our extended community. It is working and changing lives. Our students are enrolled in LibertyTown classes, visiting First Fridays, and bringing family and friends into our great workshops.

I will share the great moments with visiting artists at Fredericksburg Academy in Fredericksburg, VA. through this blog. My school hosts a different artist monthly to conduct two workshops with 84 nine to twelve year olds.

Our first visitor of the 2009-2010 season(I call LTVAP III) is Andrea Shreve-Taylor.

Our first visit on September 25th allowed our students time to view Andrea's art, design stained glass and tile trivets, and prepare for the molding process.

On October 9th, we mixed 150+ lbs. of concrete, wheelbarrow and all, then poured our designs in plastic molds. They will set for the weekend while we anxiously await the results.


  1. I am sooo thrilled that you have started a blog!!! This will be great for everyone, especailly the students and their families!!! I can't wait to see the final product for this project!!!
    I am also thrilled that you want me to come back this year to work with the kids!!!!!

  2. Lovely blog, Mirinda. Wishing you much continued success... Hugs, Hope

  3. This will be wonderful reading; happy to see you've joined the blogosphere.

    I had not realized that you had spearheaded the visiting artists' program. Congrats and continued success; looking forward to reading about each artist as they visit and change lives.

  4. I love that painting. The way her hair shines.It should have won.Keep trying.

    Aubrey c.[FA student]


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