January 2, 2011

Figure drawing, Flow, Finished in time for First Friday

  • Hopefully all of you will plan to visit the art galleries during this coming Friday's First Friday 01-07-11. I will have my newest finished piece out on the easel at 1104 Sophia Street Studios, so do drop in:) It is titled Flow and shows my model reaching for a stone at Alum Spring. It is in progress here, now much brighter with the final layers.
Yes! I started off getting ready for the New Year by joining a figure drawing group of artists who share their talents at Read All Over bookstore. Our group includes Susan Ishii, Ed King, Bruce Day ,Matt Austin, Julie Doornbos, and others. I've had the chance to brush up on my timed figure sketching and drawing/pastel from real people, not photos. A whole different side of the brain is kicking in and dusting off a past life from the Polack arts building @ dear old VCU.
School news: Nicole Hamilton will be painting with my art students in January, which we all look forward to! She is not only incredibly talented, she brings her passion and joy with her, which is what our visiting artist program is all about.
Elizabeth Woodford, speaking of joy and talent, will be designing and assisting with a huge auction project with a 5th grade class. She is volunteering her time and expertise to work with our kids- which will bring joy to many and hopefully a big bidding war come auction time!

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