March 6, 2011

New directions in my art...a visit with Picasso

On my first day of winter break, I ventured to Richmond, VA with a couple of young budding artists to see the Picasso show at the VMFA. My work desensitizing students from nudity paid off- they focused instead on color, composition, mood, periods, searched for Guernica, commented on his self-portraits, and studied his abstract sculpture very carefully. They got several compliments on their maturity and wonderful manners- I couldn't have been more proud of these kids. Just absorbing the gravity of the work we were surrounded by, many of which they have seen in class, made quite an impression. I hope more students will experience the awe of Picasso with family. My harlequin tights drew many comments, and surprise commissions bloomed from wearing my newest art. My dear fellow artist Elizabeth Woodford has worked with my classes throughout the year teaching us felting as an artform. You will be amazed with her auction project creation in felt- two rain forest quilts from Mrs. Rosnick's room. I have been intrigued and wanted to try my luck making something different. The wild red fire scarf/necklace (right photo) stopped a VMFA employee in her tracks, inquiring about it. She asked me to make 3 more, and well, there went my winter break day and night! The next creation became the sea foam scarf ( left). Life takes me in odd directions sometimes, and fellow painters are a little surprised. Have a wonderful rest of the week, and next topic: Gabe Pons storms FA with an outdoor performance art workshop on Keith Haring this Friday, March 11.


  1. WOw Wow WOW !!! Love your scarf/necklace creation! It is easy to see why you were approached to create some for the shop at the VMFA!! BRAVO!!! It is always so wonderful when our work is appreciated and admired, especially when we don't expect it!!!! Your students are so lucky to ahve you and these are experiences that they will remember always!!! You are SUCH a fabulous teacher!!!!

  2. Ditto what Elizabeth said!

    Great post; I am joining a friend for the Picasso exhibit tomorrow. So looking forward to it. It does speak loads how you've been teaching the kids at your school about art that they didn't fall over guffawing at the nudes. You know most kids at a public school would be doing it; maybe it's their age, too, that they can have that freedom to see the art for art's sake. I can't wait to see one of your scarves up close and personal; they look fab in the pics. Good for you! See you soon.


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