October 21, 2009

Long Day's Night

After teaching classes all day both at school and then LibertyTown,
I stopped for a moment to prepare for Hsi-Mei's visit next month. On November 13, we will be painting with Chinese inks, bamboo brushes, and rice papers. Just ordering the materials from an Oriental Supply company in California has been interesting and challenging. Getting questions on my email like"Do you know what you are doing? What you should be ordering is...." After 4 or 5 attempts to get the right materials, Hsi-Mei sweetly offered to order them for me next year.
Nevertheless, the show will go on. Now, to get 8 felt covers,piles of newspaper, water dishes that are the exactly right height, seats all facing the front, even though our tables are round,and the courage to borrow our middle school's cafeteria for this grand inky adventure. Bring it on.


  1. Oh I can't wait to see the pictures!! Do you Know what you are doing???? Yes eventually !!! JUST KIDDING! So glad that you will ahve that chore taken off of your overloaded plate for next year!!

  2. Ha- I still got the wrong brushes! I'm better at the ideas part, not the execution part....
    I am talking with Gabe about a mural in the courtyard for our 2-day field trip in May 2010- I guess I should reserve it now? How does one sleep at night withh all of this!


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