January 21, 2010

32 tickets sold for Empty Bowl!

Scarlett visited our campus at Fredericksburg Academy on Friday, January 15th, and helped us design Native American patterns on our bisqued bowls that are destined for the Empty Bowl Fundraiser. $1300 has been collected from staff and families of our 4th graders for the RCDV.
Our art class has become much more than painting or shaping clay- we are making these bowls as part of our comunity service this year. All of our 4th graders are prepared to donate our creations, a month in the making, to benefit families in the area greatly in need of a safe environment and the tools necessary to live a violence-free life. I am so very proud of my 49 10-yr.olds and their willingness to help with this campaign, and it has helped me grow as an educator. I am in the home stretch, covering all of the bowls this week with clear glaze after the kids peel off all of the masking tapes that created bold geometric patterns in black, white, and tan. They are having a blast, up to their elbows in pink gooey glaze that will turn clear when fired.
On a different note, today is the opening of the Mid-Atlantic Show at University of Mary Washington's Ridderhof Gallery. I am very excited to be a part of this and look forward to seeing the entire show. Great fellow artists will join me for the kick-off on a month-long exhibit. Please visit the Ridderhof Martin Gallery if you get a chance!
And lastly, but not least, my studio-mate Ariel Freeman has organized a travelling art exhibit for a new hospice program in local hospitals, once again combining her talents and passions. Check out her blog if you get a chance- she is my hero.
Have a great week and drop me a note if you are reading this- I'd love to hear from you!


  1. So glad to see your note today; as one of the other potters making bowls for the RCDV "Empty Bowl" fundraiser, I am so glad to be joined in that effort by your students. Learning to be of service to others is one of the best life lessons a child can learn; thank you for fostering that type of growth at your school!

  2. Congratulations on your successful art program, Mirinda. You work tirelessly for it and for LibertyTown.

    How wonderful that you have work in the Mid Atlantic Painting show! I hope to get by to see it.


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