January 7, 2010

In Retrospect-the Student Show from the Other Side

Student work in progress...

Empty Bowls bisqueware

Last night was the hanging of the Student Show at LibertyTown,
and as I walked in the Emporium, I looked up and saw
my students' work hanging all around Elizabeth Seaver's door. Wow.
An indescribable feeling of time, shortened and condensed, overwhelmed

me as I remembered seeing my very first show at LibertyTown several years ago.

I instantly recognized each teacher's groups of students without having to read labels-
and was thrilled to see each student taking knowledge and style from each instructor and creating their own work.

Just two years ago,
I was a student of Bill Harris, anxiously bringing in my Ophelia, hoping she was good
enough to hang on LibertyTown's walls. In retrospect, I can sincerely say that without LibertyTown, my sense of being an artist would not exist. I am grateful for so many aspects of our Arts Workshop.
LibertyTown opens their doors tomorrow evening at 5pm for Fredericksburg's starting artists
to have that glorious moment of accomplishment, pride, and excitement to be part of something larger- our art community. Well done, students and teachers!

The Empty bowls by my 49 fourth graders are moving along...tickets are selling, glaze is arriving,
and Scarlett Suhy-Pons makes a visit next Friday to bring it all together. We have 22 days to complete our mission! Hope to see you out Friday the eighth at LibertyTown-


  1. We'll be there, for sure. Your students' work is beautiful and I recognized it when I walked in the door. The bright colors are very eye catching and are sure to be a highlight of the show! There are some really beautiful things hanging now and it speaks a lot to the talent of the teachers. See you tomorrow.


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