March 3, 2010

This Bench has Taken Over

Auction item for Mrs. Sentipal's 2nd grade class- a mosaic bench covered in round shoe print tiles hand glazed by the class. Note the spiffy cart, outfitted with a coffee cup holder.
Just after the Empty Bowl in January 2010, yet another fundraiser opportunity has washed over me and the FA Lower School art classroom. The annual Fredericksburg Academy Auction takes place this Saturday, March 6th.
This is no small production- many thousands of dollars are raised from generous donations by the community, fellow artists, and the hard work of students and parents with handmade classroom projects. We usually hold this large party on our campus, but this year we've moved it to the Expo Center.
Trips to Prague, Telluride, and Paris are being auctioned; even a yellow lab puppy. Among the art to be auctioned: artwork by Ariel Freeman, Betsy Glassie, Carol Josefiak, Ed King, Larry Southworth, Michele Philips, Neal Reed, Brandon Newton, Carol Iglesias, Stewart Wegner, and me.

Many thanks, fellow artists, for donating your beautiful, valuable talents.

As my son is a 2nd grader in our wonderful school, I offered to help with the project for his class. I would be spending a month helping kids imprint and paint clay tiles, preparing a wooden bench with mosaic installations, and driving the bench around Fredericksburg on my quest to complete the ultimate auction item. Once again, mosaic artist Andrea Shreve Taylor came to the rescue with advise and Weldbond. With visions of generous bids on this bench, I am aiming high in hopes of supporting next year's art programs here at Fredericksburg Academy. Keep your fingers crossed.... and Thank you Elizabeth Woodford for volunteering with our 5th graders on Fridays! You are always a joy to have at FA.


  1. The bench is fabulous!! mosaic work takes alot longer than one would think- especailly such a large piece!! Next year you are welcome to come to me for a donation if you would like. Auctions do really well with all levels of Price points so everyone can get in on the action!!!!
    I am sure that you will be very successful with this piece!!! Best of luck!!

  2. Looks great. I bet your glad to have that "little" project behind you. Now on to more paintings :-)

  3. !! $1,800 !! final bid for The Bench, March 6th 2010....


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