March 19, 2010

Beginning Again: a New Show

I hope this blog finds you well and soaking up the sun.
A new show looms in the future for me like the single engine
plane that took out a beach jogger this week. What are the chances?
As we all have busy lives, I contemplate squeezing a show into the mix.

In 18 weeks, I will be hanging new works with verve, meaning, and competency,
hopefully, at Sammy T's in downtown Fredericksburg.
The hurdles I have to jump:
A very active family involved in every sport/instrument/project available,
A house/yard large enough to keep me cleaning often,
250 students a week,
A LibertyTown Visiting Artist Program that has expanded and is no small production,
4 elderly pets who need extra care,
and I could go on and bore you endlessly, but won't.
Then there's the studio- Oh, the studio-
filled with great light, I hear from other artists. Waiting for me: brushes, paints,
hidden girl scout cookies, photos of ideas, and peace.
My biggest mistake so far:
I jumped into this body of new work with 8 photo shoots and 12 new canvases. Completely, undoubtedly, the worst way to approach this show, for now my focus is scattered. I am going into the studio this weekend, starting with painting #1, and not looking at the others. If you see me, just say "Focus!" and that will snap me out of this fog of too many paths to choose from.

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  1. Breathe, Woman , Breathe deeply!!!!! The school year is coming to a close , the Visiting Artists program is almost wrapped up and it is getting warm again. Your kids are old enough to recruit to help you clean and I promise there are no dust buny police!!! If there were I would be in jail!!!!
    You can do it and do it beautifully!!!!
    Hugs of encouragment and fierce resolve!!!!


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