April 20, 2010

Last visitor of the school year- Elizabeth Woodford

Fourth grade affirmation flags- mixed media
My latest still life study in primary colors April 2010

  1. Third grade Origami mobiles- paper and ribbons

  2. Fifth grade Embellished clipboards- paper and fibers

  3. First grade Cherry blossoms- silk and buttons

Our April projects are finishing up and dazzling all of our visitors!

Our last visit with a LibertyTown artist successfully prepared us for Mother's Day and brightened our April showers. Elizabeth Woodford brought her love of fibers to the kids with two great projects- 4th graders designed Affirmation Mobiles with felt, embellished cotton wipes, fishing barrel swivels, bells, acrylics, and yarns. Our 5th graders used 50 different papers and fibers to layer altered clipboards as works of art. All 73 projects are suspended in our art room here at FA until final coats of matte medium are painted on. What a great way to spend a Friday, many thanks,Elizabeth! The students really got into their designs and have visited the room often to study all of the work.

Our field trip in May will involve a treasure hunt throughout downtown Fredericksburg! Items to discover: the new Ponshop, real Tiffany stained glass windows of angels, a secret courtyard at LibertyTown, a beautiful garden at FCCA,
the Brandon Newton Art gallery, Art First, and Brush Strokes. Weather cooperating, we will picnic at Hurkamp Park. Thank you, city of artists, for participating throughout the year.


  1. The blog cover photo was taken by Ruth Ann Loving in April 2009 in our school's garden.
    These 4th graders are painting floral close-ups. All other photos by Mirinda-

  2. Please tell the kids that I had a wonderful time with them and that they always inspire me!!!! I think that I lawyas get more out of my visits than they do!!!!!Check out my blog for a post on their art work!!!


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