March 29, 2010

Finished paintings from LibertyTown's young oil painters

The final product from our 4th grade clay artists: glazed votives with bases. Scarlett helped our 3 classes of 4th graders build votives on plaster molds. We used soup cans, marker tops, gluestick caps, etc. to cut negative spaces from the walls. I completed the firing and opaque white and clear glazes. We have many adults inquiring about classes after seeing our main hallway display!
Our incredible oil painting group has worked together for 5 months now. In the beginning, students ages 7-12 experimented with mixing colors and designing compositions on canvas boards. Looking at the latest paintings below shows how far they have come in such a short time.

Her fifth oil painting, this student created a sandy beach with the woman's hair and an ocean as her background.

This student completed her first oil portrait with brick wall. She used oils on watercolor paper this time, creating very different textures from her previous canvases.

An original oil portrait in a spacescape that was created by this ten yr. old LibertyTown student.

I think it resembles her...

MC Escher inspired our LibertyTown students for this assignment: choose and paint a female face, design a fantasy landscape in the composition. This image became the support for a playground.

Photos:Sandy Harris Turman

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