May 22, 2010

Winding Down a Very Busy Semester

Our seventy-five 4th and 5th graders successfully completed two days of field trips around our town's art galleries. Many parents joined in the adventure and led groups on foot throughout the town, map in hand. I designed a 10-stop treasure hunt full of questions, observations, interviews, and sketching ideas. We started in four different sections of LibertyTown Arts Workshop.
After meeting new and old friends alike, we headed off to St George's Episcopal Church in search of two original Tiffany Studios stained glass windows. Breathtaking. One little 4th grader had never been in a sanctuary with stained glass, and just sat down in awe. He was speechless.
We then headed to Art First, Brush Strokes,FCCA,Colonial Art and Frame, Brandon Newton Gallery, and the brand new PONSHOP, recently relocated from LibertyTown. A surprise waited in the back of the studio, enough cupcakes to make a tower. We then ate lunch in Hurkamp Park, catered by Bella Italia (the new deli side of Castiglia's) then returned to LibertyTown for an outdoor workshop- each student chose a 16" square outlined in chalk on the pavement of the courtyard. They recorded some of the great art that they experienced that day. Just as LibertyTown and the other galleries have left a mark on us, we have left our mark as well.
Our thanks to all who helped make this experience possible.

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  1. It was great to have them crawling the town! You've really cultivated enthusiasm for art in your students, Mirinda, no small achievement.


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