August 23, 2010

Fall 2010 at Fredericksburg Academy

Our school year is off to an amazing start with a new, improved art suite! Double rooms offer twice the room for our budding artists to get messy and spend quality time with our visiting artists. Located on the main floor of the Lower School, the clay room faces Mrs. Estes' office. The main art room, formerly Mrs.Bushman and Ms. Drebes' rooms, can be entered beside Mr. Evans' room. Please stop in and take a tour!
I am energized after finishing a show at Sammy T's, which will stay on the walls until September 30th, 2010. I also greatly enjoyed touring many of the Smithsonian art galleries and the VMFA in Richmond, which currently has both Chuck Close and Louis Tiffany exhibits until October that I highly recommend for your family.

Our students will continue to grow stronger and more confident as artists during their weekly, hour-long time with me. The core of my art philosophy involves exposure to fine arts of all mediums-including past, present, local, and international artists. I believe that all students can develop an appreciation for other cultures,history, both natural and man-made environments, and our innate human response to our surroundings. My passion for visual expression as a powerful communicative tool spreads into the projects I share. What you won't find in my class: color-by-numbers,written tests,craft projects without a purpose, or crossword puzzles.
What you will find: local artwork and artists demonstrating their talents, color- mixing, sculpture-building, problem-solving, kids exploring the art library and art card box. I have collected art books and art postcards for 17 years. There's Vermeer to Hockney, Henry Moore to Gari Melchers displayed in my class.

I also want to encourage you to take your children to our local galleries in town. They are free of charge and offer the works of hundreds of artists in our community.
Thank you for continuing to support the arts- and please contact me if you would like to share an art experience with your child's class from this summer.

Sincerely, Mrs. Reynolds


  1. Thank you! Check these dates and let me know of one that works for you-10/15,11/12, or12/10, all Fridays from 8-11am
    and I'll get it on my calendar-

  2. Wonderful Mirinda. Have a great year!


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