October 21, 2010

Elizabeth Woodford Brings Magic to FA With Two Felting Workshops

On October 15th, 2010,our 4th and 5th grade students were dazzled by Elizabeth Woodford again! For this visit, she explained and directed the many stages of turning wool roving into felt masterpieces. We previously ordered bright bags of wool from Jackson,Tennessee and set the stage for a very fun, messy project!
We can't thank her enough for spending weeks preparing many materials for the kids to include in their works. The students were thrilled to take a bag of various pieces of wool and construct amazing complete felt hangings. After rolling in bubble wrap and getting dunked in a hot water bath, the designs were thrown against the outside walls to the delight of the kids! Here are photos taken by parent Sandy Harris and FA web master Beth Hunley.


  1. Again< I must sayt aht I am not sure who got more out fo my visit!! I alwasy leave with such amazing admiration for your fabulous art program and abilities as well as love of working with your kids!! We sure did have a blast didn't we!! throwning the pieces against the wall to shock the faibers is going to be a very tough art activity to top or even match, for next year!!

  2. Your new blog Header is beautiful!!!! i am really looking froward to Nov First Friday and to meeting your studio mates!!!!

  3. Thank you! I got to repeat the process today for 5 absent students- and the others reminded me about a step I forgot! They are all so happy with their results and have been creatively journaling about them all week.
    We'll be ready right after the new year to start the auction projects....I'll post more pics when I can-


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