March 2, 2013

Roanoke College Coral Reef Project

January-March  2013
Roanoke College Coral Reef Project Opens in the Olin Gallery
Salem, Virginia

This community effort including over 200 artists branched out from the Smithsonian
Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project in my previous January 2011 blog,
and joined hundreds of thousands of fiber artists around the world with this cumulative project.
 All pieces will be collected and archived at the end of the show in March 2013.

Barrett and his Grandma

Mom's fabulous sea snake

They found Nemo,, with mom's blue coral underneath

Mom's tendrils

Dixie cups become coral blooms in the Recycled Reef

Crochet jellyfish = repurposed trash

Bleached coral reef, stunning yet sobering

My turquoise felt coral with fringe

The most special part of this adventure: my mother and I were featured artists together for the first time in,well, ever!  Her debut show featured crocheted brain corals, tube corals, snakes, and jellyfish in a series of 15 reefs. We had so much fun finding each one, as the reefs were installed by other artists. I am proud of my mom for her very first art opening, and am so glad that I was able to drive four hours after work to make the last 30 minutes of the show!

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