August 8, 2013

Sail Away Art Camp July 2013 at Fredericksburg Academy

July 2013 Summer Art Camp: Sail Away at Fredericksburg Academy was a great experience for all  kids, ages 5 and up.  Littlest artist Bella created canvas sails, origami boats, pastels, watercolors, and a collage with all of us, not missing a beat! An unexpected delight: pictured in the middle, Chinese exchange student Curtis (not his real name, he wanted an American nickname while he was here) joined the fun and used an Iphone app- Isay  each day!   By talking into it, I pressed the translate button and it blurted out some pretty fancy Chinese words- and worked almost every time. He was also able to talk with me, what an amazing way to communicate. By the end of the week, he was teaching and demonstrating for the younger kids on his own!  My son Barrett, hiding here in front of me, taught Curtis the running game "Infection" and water gun mania.  Also pictured, Kyle and Sarah with some very impressive sails.  All of the artwork on the wall behind us was created during the week, and each day we went outside to work on a recreation of Van Gogh's Boats by the Water in pastels.
Thank you, students, for making this such a fun and memorable experience! We will all miss you, Curtis!

On our final day together, the wonderfully talented Carol Iglesias joined us for a personal demonstration and material experimentation. Thank you, Carol!
You are an amazing color specialist who the students will always remember-Sail on, campers:)

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