November 20, 2009

For Goodness Sake!

Birthday Girls, finished on Halloween, 2009,

has found a new home.

In an effort to do something worthwhile with my art, I offered to donate this to a patron who contributed to Dan Finnegan's medical fund.

A young man, very stylish I might add, really bonded with my work, so off it went to it's new home in the Burg. It's the first time I've actually parted with a wet painting.

On the school front, our 2nd graders experienced a real Moai statue from Easter Island yesterday at the Natural History Smithsonian Museum. After earlier studying the islanders who created these huge monoliths, seeing one in person was breathtaking.

My 4th and 5th graders are studying Norman Rockwell's incredible life and art- What an amazing contribution this artist has left our world with. Portraitures of America without cynicism, I never get through this unit without tears. His gift has given me, and countless others, America idealized. His people, giving volumes of emotion with one look, spread eternal hope to millions. He sold us healthy propaganda, love, every touchstone in life, in the most beautiful way. Thank you, Norman (Rocko to his friends) Oh yeah- please go see some of his original oils at Belmont this month, December, and January 2010.

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