November 17, 2009

A Week of Pandas and Mushrooms

Panda Ink Painting
by anonymous 4th grader-
Our visit with Hsi-Mei was wonderfully entertaining and full of lessons. Our students learned basic brush techniques, posture and energy use, history of bamboo brushes, and ways that Asian art documents either air, sea, or mountians. We chose to learn about the shapes of pandas and bamboo plants. Our 5th graders learned to create Poinsettias in time for the holidays. We will use colored inks on December 11th with Hsi-Mei once again.
I'm attempting to create a slide show of our visit....
A Fungus Forest at FA!

All of last week's rain created the perfect environment for a huge crop of magnificent mushrooms to grow, some 16" across, among our pine tree needles on campus. A friend identified these as harmless to eat, and they possibly will taste like lobster when sauteed. I'm going to let that experiment pass for some braver soul..... our younger students have taken mini-field trips out to explore our momentary fungus wonderland.

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