December 2, 2009

450 lbs. of clay on the wall....

My photo of Ruth and Gary Golden by the tracks: inspiration for
Golden Day

Well, great ideas aren't great ideas until they happen,

so this is the week to get the 450 lb. ball of clay rolling at Fredericksburg Academy!

Our 4th graders, all 47 of them, will be constructing a food-safe glazed bowl to donate to the Empty Bowl fundraiser in January 2010. We hope to attract parents to come and find their child's bowl!

First, our team of maintenence guys and myself are taking a little field trip to LibertyTown to acquire the said clay.

Then all 47 kids will learn to roll chunks of clay into slabs. With 6 rolling pins!
As our bowls dry on plaster molds (yes, I'm making 47 of them...)
and prepare to be fired in our Upper School two buildings away, we will pause for a final visit with the one and only Hsi Mei Yates and Chinese brush painting for the holidays on December 11th.

Then in January, adorable Scarlett Suhy-Pons will visit us to do some underglazing and clear glazing.

Back to the kiln, then a final farewell on January 30th,2010, to the Elk's Lodge. Anyone who loves this sort of adventure I would love to recruit....

Happiest of Holidays- Sold :Golden Day at LibertyTown on my b-day! Nice surprise, but I'll miss this cool ptg of the Golden's feet. I'm working on a larger one for Uniquely Fredericksburg 2010....


  1. What a fabulous way to get the kids involved ad do art with ceramics aqt the same time!!!! you and Scarlet really Rock!!! Love your painting- Not at all surprised that it sold so quickly!!!
    We need to put our heads together as I do believe I will be visiting in March????
    Hugs and Smiles!

  2. Wow! A great idea for the kids to learn to create and then to let go for a good cause. Excellent all the way around. The Empty Bowl Fundraiser will be enhanced by the work of your students. I'll be back in the studio this week cranking out some more bowls myself.

    As one-half of the subject of your "Golden Day" painting, I have to say that it was my honor (and I can also speak for Gary) to be a part of your endeavor. Seeing our feet on the wall has been way cool! Can't wait to see the next go-round! Best to you!


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