September 8, 2010

Line-up for 2010-2011 Visiting Artists at Fredericksburg Academy

Our Visiting Artist program is starting this week for our FOURTH year!! Here are our visitors for this school year.

Sept. 10 2010 Ruth Golden, a local potter, will demonstrate and display her works. We will design handles as a group to attach to Ruth's creations in clay, creating a Knossos( Ancient Greek) piece of pottery.

Oct. 10 2010 Elizabeth Woodford,our Fredericksburg textile arts guru, returns to share Australian felting with all 4th and 5th graders. We will create individual feltings.

Nov.11 2010 Rob Landeck,local collage, printmaking, and assemblage artist, returns to our campus to share his modern style of collage and painting with our students. They will study a variety of his latest works up-close.

Dec. 12 2010 Gillian Holland, a new metal sculptor, will visit our campus to share her wire creations. We will each build a wire 3-d insect and attach it to a base.

Jan.14 2011 Nicole Hamilton, an oil painter from LibertyTown Arts, will share her adventures on canvas. We will paint with oil on canvas, incorporating some colors and techniques that Nicole uses in her work.

Feb.11, 2011 Carol Phifer, also an oil painter from LibertyTown Arts, will also share her unique style of painting. Her Big Skies will inspire us to paint the sky we see.

Mar. 11, 2011 Gabriel Pons returns to our campus! Now the proud owner of PONSHOP on Caroline Street, our local artist will share some very modern "street art". We hope the skateboards will visit as well.....

Apr.8, 2011 Beth Sperlazza, formerly Jordan,is a wonderful local potter. She will visit our school for the first time and demonstrate some great handbuilding/ wheelthrowing techniques. We look forward to using the clay room again and building incredible sculptures.

May 11 and 13, 2011 Our students will wrap up a terrific year with our artists by visiting all of their studios and shops. We will take a walking tour of Fredericksburg's art galleries and discover that the arts are alive and available for all to enjoy right here in Fredericksburg, Va.


  1. Thank you, participating artists, for taking on such a wonderful job for a day. We hope you know that you are our Art Stars!

  2. Fabulous Post Mirinda!!! Can your visitng artists sit in on ohter artists talks???? Such lucky kids to be exposed to such creative and talented people!! You Rock!!!
    We need to convo about ordering some fleece!!!
    BEst Elizabeth


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