October 22, 2011

Fall scarf for a VMFA client-

A student in 4th grade studies a decorative border original by Troy Howell before designing her own version.
Troy meets our 4th graders and shares his collaboration with Mary Pope Osbourne, Medieval Tales, and explores the origin of werewolves by reading an excerpt.

Hello Bloggers! What a productive, exciting month this has been-

Firstly, Fredericksburg Academy has been visited twice so far by our
guest illustrator and author, Troy Howell of Fredericksburg. The 4th and 5th graders
are loving his tales of werewolves from Medieval times! After sharing many of his original illustrations in a variety of media, Mr. Howell also shared ideas for generating many possible
drawing ideas for this tale. Each student, with colored pencils, is designing a book cover featuring parts of the original werewolf story. I will share some in November- we are enjoying getting to know such a talented and kind illustrator!

Next, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts gift shop has had me busy pounding, rolling, boiling, and sewing tiny bits of lace, suede, velvet, silk, wool, feathers, and metallic beading from recycled clothing. They are collars, scarves, or necklaces, depending on how you wear them. I am also featuring Scarlett Suhy-Pons' beautiful hand-made buttons on each piece- she will be wearing a new rust-colored one this November First Friday at Ponshop for her jewelry show. Thanks for sharing your buttons, Scarlett- I was completely giddy last weekend when I stopped in to drop off a new batch- and took pictures of anyone who was willing to pose for me with them on. I have made 9 this season, with some still available for sale. Please check fineartamerica.com/mirindareynolds in November for availability of all scarves.

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